KG department:

Student Review

The student review team at CPS provides a forum to discuss students who are experiencing difficulty at school or possible retention candidates. It is the responsibility of the student review team to coordinate the efforts of the regular school program, and when appropriate, our special services to ensure that we are doing everything possible to assist these students. Occasionally the student review team, with prior parental approval, will also enlist the support of services outside the school.

The student review team consists of the elementary principal, the elementary counselor, the early childhood coordinator, the reading coordinator, and the learning resource center teachers. Student review team meetings are also attended by the homeroom teacher of the child under discussion and any other pertinent CPS personnel. You will receive prior notification if your child is referred to the student review team.

Retention Policy

Occasionally as the school year progresses a student teachers may feel that a student educational needs would be best met by repeating the year. Should this be the case, the teacher will consult on currently with parents and the student review team regarding the child situation. This may result in the student review team making a formal recommendation for retention to parents. While the school reserves the ultimate right to mandate a grade placement, unless special circumstances exist, the final decision for a child retention will lie with the parent.

Academic Retention:

In order to succeed at the elementary level, students must first be successful with the kindergarten curriculum. Students who fail to show success in kindergarten may be retained at that grade level for the coming year, and/or outside testing may be required before reenrollment is allowed.

The final decision regarding retention is made by the Kindergarten Child Study Team, which consists of the principal, assistant principal, counselor, classroom teacher, and Arabic teacher. An eventual decision to retain or to deny reenrollment is made after careful deliberation and discussion. This decision is taken in the interest of the student, in order to ensure every opportunity for academic success, in the appropriate school or grade level.

Primary Department:

Progress Reports will be sent out for all students at the end of each quarter in grades 1-5. Teachers may send a progress report home more frequently to report positive news or to keep you informed of trouble areas.

At the end of each semester, a Report Card will be issued. The report card, like the progress report, is to keep parents informed of the student’s performance and effort.


The grading policy for subject areas: ( 1 – 3 ) grade

100 – 90 89 – 80 79 – 70 69 – 60 59 – Below Passed on the basis of efforts
O – Outstanding V – Very Good S – Satisfactory L – Limited Progress U – Un Satisfactory P

The grading policy for subject areas: ( 4 – 5 ) grade

Below 50% 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-100
Fail Insufficient Minimum Achievement = 1 Need Improvement = 2 Satisfactory = 3 Good = 4 Excellent = 5


For a student to be successful at the primary school levels he/she must first be successful in the K2 curriculum. It is the policy of CPS to monitor and measure the academic growth of all students. If there is evidence that a student is not progressing in a positive manner, the student may be placed on Academic Probation. Academic Probation will be considered as a means to assist a student over a short period of time.

At the end of each quarter administration and teachers will review the academic progress of all students. Students found to have…

Grades 1-3 only:

  • an unsatisfactory performance will be placed on Academic Probation. Emphasis will be placed on the four core English subject areas, Arabic and Islam, with Language Arts being weighted heavily.

Grades 4-5 only:

  • a grade point average of less than 2.0 on a 4.0 reporting scale, will be placed on Academic Probation. Emphasis will be placed on the four core English subject areas, Arabic and Islam, with Math being weighted heavily.

Academic Probation alerts the student they are in danger of failing the grade level. A letter from the principal will notify parents if their child is placed on Academic Probation. A parent conference will be requested with a principal and members of the Child Study Team to determine an appropriate plan of action for the student.

If the student fails to show improvement in the four core subject areas, the student may be retained in that same grade level at the end of the year, and/or outside testing may be required before the family is allowed to re-enroll the student.

Grade point averages for Academic Probation are calculated using the following scale:

100 – 90 A1 Excellent 5.0
89 – 80 A2 Good 4.0
79 – 70 B Satisfactory 3.0
69 – 60 C Need Improvement 2.0
59 – 50 D Minimum Achievement 1.0
Below 50 F Fail ( Insufficient )

Student Recognition

Students will be recognized for academics and good behavior throughout the school year.

Retention in the Same Grade Level

Any student on school Probation for 2 or more quarters and has failed to improve will be at risk of being retained at the current grade level. Parents will be asked to attend a conference with the teacher, counselor, specialists involved, and a principal to discuss recommendations in this situation. The principal has the final decision, which will be made at the end of the fourth quarter. He / She shall approve promotions or retentions.