Library Media

Welcome to the elementary library media center!

We are open 7:30-1:00, Sunday-Thursday. Students are encouraged to visit the library to check out books, use the computers for research, do homework or read. We are open throughout the school day for students to check-out and return books.

IIn addition to printed resources, we also subscribe to online databases specifically for students – FactsforLearning, KidsInfoBits, raz – kids, abcteach and a-z learning (, ( These databases are great places for students to search for information electronically. Facts for Learning gives students access to articles from encyclopedias, almanacs, a dictionary and an atlas, other reference and skills books, and magazines from Weekly Reader. In addition to the above mentioned resources, Kids InfoBits also provides students access to newspaper articles, maps, flags, and a variety of charts, graphs, and images.
If you would like more information about how to utilize the online databases or catalog, or any further concern that you would want to discuss, please look for Ms. Mary Ann Casabuena or send her an email at


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