Creativity Private School
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Creativity.. Outstanding.. Quality..


To provide students with high quality educational services, through applying best pedagogical practices, in order to bring up generation that would elevate Kingdom of Bahrain and make it outshining among other nations.

Strategic Educational Goals

•   Space applying regular comprehensive educational evaluation for all school work aspects, focusing on the quality of outcome (Standard of students’ Academic Achievement including passing the International Examinations with high proficiency, and maintaining an outstanding Personal Development).
•   Applying high quality teaching and learning through effective manual, and teaching and learning strategies, and employing a variety of highly effective electronic educational resources and devices.
•   Offering all categories of students an outstanding support and guidance through various educational activities in a healthy and safe environment.
•   Raising staff competency through conducting high quality Professional Development Programs.
•   Having a wise school leadership and management that is highly professional, and is aware of the importance of planning, implementation, evaluation and assessment and human relationship.